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New Mexico vs. N.M. – Mocavo says, “What’s the difference?”

30 Nov 2011

Yesterday, our team launched yet another improvement to the free genealogy search results on better geographical abbreviation searches for the United States.

Now, not only will NM also search for New Mexico and vice versa, but for all two-worded states, it’s punctuated abbreviation (N.M. for example) will also pull up results for NM and New Mexico.

While this might be a small improvement, it’s quite notable for those of you who are performing hundreds of genealogy searches each day, making your research just that much easier.

Test it out and let us know what you think, either via email, through Twitter or on (more…)


29 Nov 2011

Our ancestors are like needles in a global-sized haystack. Many of us have zeroed in on what area of the globe our needles happen to lie, so why should we be required to search the whole thing? The Mocavo team has decided it’s time this proverbial haystack got sectioned off.

Today we’re thrilled to launch – a United Kingdom version of Mocavo that will search websites, blogs, records and content specifically from, or discussing, English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh decent.

While searches sites and blogs from around the world, and will continue to do so, will focus specifically on the (more…)

Ask And You Shall Receive: Mocavo’s New FAQ Page

19 Nov 2011

Dozens of you have asked. Well, you know the old phrase “Ask and you shall receive”? We believe it holds true! Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Mocavo FAQ page.

We’ve taken some of your most asked questions and created a section of our website devoted to answering them for you. Including questions like “How do I add my site to Mocavo’s database?” and “Help! I’m not seeing any results. What are some search tips and tricks?”, our team is excited to help you get the best out of our genealogy search every day.

We’ll be adding more questions to our help section (more…)

Mocavo’s Free Genealogy Search Now Shows More Relevant Results

17 Nov 2011

Each day, we’re working to make our free genealogy search engine better than before. Last week, you read about how we made our searches even faster.

Yesterday, we reached yet another new height: when you run a search with a quoted snippet on, “John Smith” for example, your results are now more relevant to your query.

Previously, our results would show “John” and “Smith” bolded on the same page. Your snippet would be quoted on the page, however, sometimes our results wouldn’t show you where.

Now we show you results with your exact snippet, making your searches more relevant and your research even (more…)

We’re Now 100% Wind Powered

16 Nov 2011

With our headquarters in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, we’re fortunate to be surrounded by pristine mountains and forests. Today we’re thrilled to say that our datacenter has become 100% wind powered. This means that every time you run a genealogy search on, all of the computing power required to generate your results is completely generated by the wind!

This is just a first step in our journey to become environmentally friendly, but every step counts and we’re looking forward to keeping you all posted on our future green milestones.

Our view from the roof deck in Boulder, CO

Mocavo Search: Now With More Speed!

02 Nov 2011

As you may or may not have already known, Mocavo is not only the world’s largest free genealogy search engine, but it’s also the fastest. Today, however, we’re happy to announce that we’ve made our search even faster. Twice as fast, to be precise! So go ahead: test it out and let us know what you think. And as always, more Mocavo announcements are just around the corner. Happy searching!