Announcing Mocavo’s Document & OCR Publishing Platform

03 Apr 2012

Last week, we released our awesome new search results layout, and slyly mentioned our inclusion of millions of document pages to our index. However, we feel like an addition this big deserves it’s own announcement (and you deserve to know more!) So today, we’d like to give you a little more insight into what else we’ve released.

Welcome to Mocavo’s document and OCR publishing platform. Now when you upload or Dropbox your own documents, whether by scan or by our smartphone app (currently only available in the iTunes store), they’ll be OCR’d and made searchable, if you choose to make them public, within hours. Your contributions will be added to the millions of pages of documents that are now searchable on Mocavo, broadening your research horizons like never before.

Our team has created an industry first that allows genealogists across the world to share documents and photos with each other, that would otherwise never be seen or shared. That missing link in your family tree might reside on a document in London, England and, unless you traveled to the house of the person who owns it, you’d be none the wiser.

Mocavo’s Document & OCR Publishing Platform breaks down those geographic barriers, making it as easy as possible for anyone to bring to light their family treasures, connecting family histories in a way never before possible.

So bring us your birth and death certificates, church records and tax documents. Bring us your delicate photos of great aunt Matilda and great-great grandfather William. We look forward to your submissions & thank you in advance for your contribution to the future (and past) of genealogists everywhere.