Upload Your Geni Family Tree to Mocavo

24 Apr 2012

During RootsTech 2012, Mocavo announced that it would be including the entire database of Geni family trees into its search index. However, we’re pleased to announce that was just the first step in our evolving partnership with Geni.com.


Now, our team is pleased to present a new feature that will save many of our users time when uploading their family trees to our site: Geni Family Tree Import. Millions of people have their family trees on Geni.com; it’s a great resource for those just starting out and working from the ground up.


Mocavo has teamed up with Geni to allow our users with family trees already on Geni.com to easily import them into their Mocavo profiles, gaining all who do so access to everything uploading a tree has to offer, such as new connection emails and more. So if you don’t have a family tree just yet and have been itching to take advantage of Mocavo’s email connections feature, here’s your chance! Additionally, all of your privacy settings transfer with your tree. Mocavo keeps all private Geni family trees out of our index and will not make them available for other users to see.


“We’re excited to take our partnership with Mocavo to the next level,” said Noah Tutak, Geni CEO. “Our mission has always been to make genealogy as accessible and collaborative as possible. Through the use of our open API, Mocavo has combined access to their research tools with your Geni family tree, making genealogy research easier than ever.”


As Noah mentions, it’s easy and completely free; all you need is a tree on Geni.com and a Mocavo account. Go ahead and give it a shot right now!