From the Blogs, September 21

21 Sep 2012

This week’s From the Blogs is a little different. Since most genealogists love history as well, I am highlighting some history blogs that I thought you might find interesting.

The History Blog writes about many aspects of history, primarily European. Recently he posted about a major rediscovery: the earliest color films. British photographer Edward Raymond Turner devised the earliest working method for creating color films in 1899. First stored at the London Science Museum, the have been at the National Media Museum for several years. Curator Michael Harvey decided to bring them back to life digitally. Read more in Earliest films shot in natural color digitally restored.

Executed Today is a blog about “history, sociology, biography, criminology, law, and kismet — an unrepresentative but arresting view of the human condition across time and circumstance from the parlous vantage of the scaffold.” Each day it tells the story of an execution that took place on that date. 1783: Mutinous prisoners of the Swift tells the story of six convicted criminals who were transported to America but returned before their sentences were up.

History Confidential tells interesting stories about little known facts in history. The topics can range widely from bathing in early America to the history of Barbie. A few months ago, the topic was the creation of one of America’s favorite breakfast cereals: Kellogg Corn Flakes.

Boston 1775 discusses “history, analysis, and unabashed gossip about the start of the American Revolution.” The topics are very wide ranging, discussing events, people, places, and more. This week, in Sopha, So Good, the history of the sofa as a piece of furniture in American homes is traced.

One of Martha Washington's Gowns.

One of Martha Washington’s gowns.

Two Nerdy History Girls is written by bestselling authors Loretta Chase and Isabella Bradford. From Colonial America to King George II; from housekeeping mysteries to Downton Abbey history, there is nothing they won’t discuss. They even recently dug up a 1921 video showing a housewife creating a bra from two handkerchiefs. One recent post of interest to me was Martha Washington discussing issues about having a private life while living a public one.