From the Blogs, October 5

05 Oct 2012

Following is a summary of recent posts from genealogy blogs that I have found interesting and informative and wanted to share them with you.

The FamilySearch Blog has all manner of interesting articles. Last week, Nathan W. Murphy had a very interesting post. He transcribed a chart that first appeared in the Wiliam and Mary Quarterly in 1895. It compared the way names were pronounced with how they were spelled in records in Virginia. Some of the contrasts are quite stark. It is a wonderful illustration of the fact that there was no such thing as a standardized way to spell anything. Read more in How Did They Say That Name in Colonial Virginia?

Dick Eastman had an interesting story this week about media conversion. In Bring Old Media Memories Into the Digital Age, he talks about a new website that can help you convert your old audio and video tapes into digital media. The company sends you a box, you send them the media, then they convert the tapes to digital format. There are some drawbacks, which Dick discusses.

Blogger IowaGirl is a member of Genealoggers, and writes about her own family history research in the IowaGirlMemories blog. This week she shared some interesting anecdotes about her grandfather in Grandpa was a . . . Bootlegger?

Another good blog with insights on genealogical research is Genealogy Jottings: The Happiness of Pursuit by Teri Hjelmstad. She covers a wide variety of topics in an interesting, easy-to-read manner. This week she talked about a valuable lesson she learned from Patricia Law Hatcher: “Until you look, you don’t know what you’ll find.” In Taking the Time, Teri writes about how she has implemented this lesson.

Muni Archives

Judy G. Rusell, the Legal Genealogist is at it again this week. The New York City Municipal Archives (Muni) has a wonderful online gallery of images. They are from a variety of sources, and provide incredible images of the city, including some quite iconic images. Judy’s series on terms of use continues with Muni’s terms for this database.