Mocavo Announces our Yearbooks Collection!

07 Nov 2012

Was your grandfather captain of the football team?  Was your grandmother the senior class president?  Now you can find out at Mocavo.  Today we are announcing the largest free collection of yearbooks online.  There are nearly 17,000 books in our Yearbook collection representing several terabytes of data, nearly 3.5 million pages, and 100 years worth of fun-filled history.  All for FREE!  With your help, we are working to bring all of the world’s genealogical information online for free putting everyone’s family history within reach.

Yearbooks are a terrific resource for family historians.  They can provide a connection with your ancestor at a specific moment in time, usually when they are in their youth. You can see what activities they participated in. Sometimes students provided quotes or other insights to their dreams for the future.

One thing that researchers often forget is that students are not the only people you will find in yearbooks. The faculty and staff of the institution are also often included. If you have ancestors who were teachers, administrators, coaches, cooks, janitors, or other school employees, you may be able to find images or other information about your ancestors in yearbooks.

Do you have a yearbook to share?  Contact us to learn how you can share your yearbooks to help other genealogists make discoveries about their pasts.