From the Blogs January 11

11 Jan 2013

Following are some blog posts from historical and genealogical blogs that I found interesting and informative. I wanted to share them with you. As we start 2013, many of us are looking back at what we accomplished in 2012, and declaring our resolutions for the coming year. This is a review of some blogs that do each.

Randy Seaver is an active blogger at Genea-Musings who frequently appears in my From the Blogs posts. Each week he also writes a Best of the Genea-Blogs post. On December 30 he noted the top 21 blogs he has referenced during the past year, and I was quite flattered to have appeared on his list.

Judy Russell started The Legal Genealogist blog on January 1, 2012. On New Year’s Eve, she reviewed her first, very successful, year in blog posts in Looking Back at 2012. You may notice that many of the posts she mentions are ones that were referenced in one of our From the Blogs poss.

Rosemary Morgan is a British researcher who writes about London Roots research. She summed up some of her interesting genealogy adventures for the year, including a visit to the storage area of ancient parchment records at the Parliamentary Archives.

The Calgary Public Library has written a great blog for newbies who have resolved to start their family history research in 2013. Their six steps will help get you off on the right foot. You can read about them in Your New Year’s Resolution – Trace Your Family Tree.

Laura Beaudin writes The Acadian Genealogist blog. Instead of resolutions, she writes about goals. “I feel that establishing smaller, more attainable goals easier to process, plan and put into practice.” ( I wonder where I’ve heard that before?).


Freud's Butcher


Edie Jarolim writes about genealogy in a uniquely titled blog: Freud’s Butcher: Sometimes a sausage is just a sausage, but sometimes it’s a link to the past. The title arises from the fact that her maternal great-uncle Siegmund Kornmehl’s kosher butcher shop in Vienna was turned into an art gallery in the Sigmund Freud Museum. She recently shared her goals for .

Jenniffer Sopko writes the Nutspeak blog. She has created a list of ten things she will try to do this year in My Genealogy Resolutions for 2013. I particularly like number 8.

Luis Rivera writes [Genealogy Under Construction] Finding out what it means to be Boricua through a genetic and genealogical journey through my family history. He recently wrote his resolutions for 2013, including one that many of us share: try and figure out my parents’ connection to one another.

And last, but certainly not least, my friend Thomas MacEntee shares his 2013 resolutions on the Flip-Pal blog. He has a great mantra for this year: Think Big!