New! Announcing the Mocavo Learning Center

21 Mar 2013

Whether you are new to genealogy or have been studying your family history for years, we want to help. We are excited to introduce the Mocavo Learning Center, a resource that provides expert advice and best practices to aid you in your research. The Mocavo Learning Center includes instructional articles and tools – like forms and questionnaires – that will help you record and organize your research.

The Mocavo Learning Center contains the following helpful categories:

  • Getting Started: Are you new to genealogy and don’t know where to start? Let us help you get on the right track with detailed guides that walk you through each step of the family history research process.
  • What’s New on Mocavo: Discover new record collections as they are added to the Mocavo Community.
  • Resources and Records: Gain insight into many popular as well as lesser-known records and resources that bring you closer to discovering your heritage.
  • Resources by Location: Learn about multiple records and resources you will use when your research leads you to different areas of the world.
  • Tips & Tricks: Uncover little secrets that help make discoveries and break through your brick walls.
  • Family History Toolkit: View and print multiple genealogy forms that help you record and organize your research.

There is something helpful for every genealogist! Visit the Mocavo Learning Center today to learn how to get even closer to discovering your family’s story.