Revolutionary Voices: A Documentary With a Genealogical Perspective

06 Mar 2013

Although we live less than an hour from each other, the first time I saw my friend Maureen Taylor in months was at the Who Do You Think You Are Live show in London a couple of weeks ago. Amazing that we had to travel that far to get caught up with each other. I was pleased to hear of an exciting new project she is working on.

Maureen has always had a passion for photographs. Years ago, she started a project around the Revolutionary War. She realized that many of the people who were young adults at the time of the American Revolution were still alive in the mid-nineteenth century when photography came along. The idea came to her to create a book with photographic images of those people.

The Last Muster: Images of the Revolutionary War Generation was published in 2010 by the Kent State University Press. Images of more than 75 people are included, along with genealogical information about them. The book sold very well, and a second volume of The Last Muster is due out this May.



Now Maureen has started a new venture. She is joining with Verissima Productions to create a documentary version of their stories. The team there is very experienced in a wide variety of filmmaking, having done work for PBS, the BBC, United Airlines, and the University of Massachusetts, among other clients.

They are working to raise the $225,000 necessary to create the documentary film. The goal is to have a broadcast-quality film that will also be available to genealogists and educators to use in teaching the Revolutionary War.

There is already a Facebook page for the film, and a website ( The website includes a blog where Maureen shares informative tales about the subjects as well as the life and times of these Revolutionary War-era people.

They have also begun a Kickstarter campaign to raise the initial $27,500 required to commence filming. In the last few weeks they have managed to raise more than $10,000, but they still have a long way to go. You can contribute to the success of this film for as little as $1.

Revolutionary Voices is a very worthwhile and unique project. According to Kickstarter rules, they have to raise the entire amount ($27,500), or they receive nothing. And they still have a long way to go by the April 4 deadline. You can watch a preview video about the project on their Kickstarter page. And if you can’t contribute, at least visit the site, find out more about the project, and tell you friends. Perhaps some of them can help bring the voices of our ancestors to life.