30,000+ New Databases & Exclusive New Features

15 Nov 2013

Today we celebrate just one month since we announced our Free Forever mission. We’ve put more than 30,000 new databases online in just 30 days. Our total database count has quickly zoomed to more than 138,000 and we’ve got so much more planned.

Introducing Search Sliders for Mocavo Gold Members
Search Sliders enable you to customize our search algorithms to better find the information you seek. There are two sliders we’re announcing today, but there are more in the works. The first slider, called Freshness, allows you to filter your results to only items added to Mocavo in the past year, 6 months, 3 months, month, week, and day. This is great, if you want to focus your search on only recently-added content. The second slider, called Keyword Appearance, allows you to limit your search to just titles or just content. A title-only search might be good to try if you want more direct hits for your name. A content-only search is great, if you think your search will appear deep inside the content – and maybe the titles are throwing that off a bit. We have 3 more sliders that we’re working on that we’ll announce in the next few weeks.


Improved Search Result Previews
When you search on Mocavo, book results return a small search result preview with your search terms highlighted. Sometimes, we found that it was zooming in on the wrong areas (if you searched for John Carter, it would zoom in on another Carter, even though John Carter did appear somewhere else on the page). We’ve greatly improved the algorithms that decide where to zoom in. We hope this will speed up your ancestry search!


Special Announcement on November 20th
You heard it here first. On November 20th, we’ve got a very special announcement that we believe will delight genealogists everywhere. We’re secretly cooking up some fascinating new stuff for our users, and we’re almost ready to reveal it. Stay tuned!

Many of you have signed up for Mocavo Gold in support of our cause, and enjoy searching 138,664 databases at the same time. As always, Mocavo Basic users can search these databases individually for free. Mocavo Gold offers you automated searching, the ability to run global searches across all of our databases, and a number of other great features.