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Mocavo’s Back to School Special: Free Access to Universal Search Weekend

21 Aug 2014


What better way to top off Mocavo’s Back to School Week than with an Open Access to Universal Search weekend? Usually you need to be a Mocavo Gold member to search all of our databases at once, but for this weekend only, you can search more than 420,000 databases to your heart’s content. Kick start your research today and see who you will discover.

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If you would need a little help getting started, check out the Mocavo Gold Faceted Search Tutorial.

Don’t forget, you must be logged in to your Mocavo account to take advantage of the Open Access weekend.

These premium search features are generally available to Mocavo Gold members. If you decide that you enjoy the premium features of Mocavo Gold, consider joining our revolution and becoming a part of the Mocavo Gold community.

We wish you a successful weekend full of discoveries!

Our Thank You Gift to You

19 Jul 2014


As we join forces with Findmypast, we could not be more thankful for the positive feedback we continue to receive from the genealogy community. Our commitment to bring all of the world’s historical content online grows stronger by the day and we’re excited to bring you exciting new features and content in the future.

To thank you for all of your support, we want to do something special for the Mocavo Community. For this weekend only, you can enjoy your first month of Mocavo Gold for only 99 cents. That means for less than $1.00 you can now access all of the advanced technology and automated features that will help take your research to the next level.

  • Make Discoveries Faster Than Ever with Mocavo Gold
  • Search more than 8 billion names from one convenient location
  • Narrow down your results with advanced search fields and Search Sliders
  • Customize your result preferences with Search Tuners 
  • Get new discoveries automatically sent via email
  • See every detail with high definition documents
  • Enjoy over $75 in savings with exclusive partner discounts
  • And many more!

Make sure you take advantage of this exclusive offer by Monday, July 21 at 11:00PM EST.


A New Chapter for Mocavo

23 Jun 2014

Today is an exciting day for genealogists everywhere as we’re announcing that Mocavo has been acquired by Findmypast/DC Thomson Family History. This is a groundbreaking development for the industry and a major turning point in Mocavo’s quest to bring all the world’s historical information online for free. The wonderful folks at DC Thomson Family History share our vision of the future of family history, and we couldn’t be more excited to join them.

For the past few years, the Mocavo team and I have dedicated ourselves to bringing innovation and competition to an industry that is sorely lacking in both. From the very beginning of Mocavo’s history, we had this burning desire to figure out how to organize all of the historical information disparately spread across the Web. Not long ago, even with a hard-working and incredibly talented team, our service wasn’t resonating with users and our business wasn’t working. In October of last year, we decided to do something audacious and bold – something never before tried in the industry. We launched our Free Forever revolution and this became the day when Mocavo’s soul was born. Everything turned around once we put a stake in the ground and stood for free genealogy (and now Mocavo is growing rapidly, putting more than 1,000 free databases online every single day and more users discovering us than ever). We have our loyal and supportive users to thank more than anyone!

One of the immediate benefits of the acquisition is that we’re putting the complete US Census index online for free (forever!), making us the first commercial provider in history to ever do this. Search the United States Federal Census Now.

The next few months are going to be incredibly exciting as we bring together two companies with enormous resources, content, and technology to bring you more of what you love. Nothing on either site will be going away – just getting better (and quickly!).

Lastly, we could not have done this without the support of our loyal community members. We appreciate your dedication and patience, and we look forward to helping you discover even more of your family’s story.

Mocavo Acquired By Findmypast: A New Chapter Begins

23 Jun 2014

 London, UK, 23 June 2014. Findmypast, the leading British family history company, announced today that it has acquired Mocavo, the fastest growing genealogy company in the US.

Findmypast, the leading brand in the DC Thomson Family History portfolio, has been at the forefront of the British family history market for over a decade. It has an established collection of 1.8 billion historical records and an extensive network of partners including the British Library, the Imperial War Museum, the Allen County Public Library and Family Search.

Founded by Cliff Shaw in 2011, Mocavo is a technological innovator in the genealogy industry. Its highly sophisticated search engine brings together, in one place, a diverse range of sources, such as family history record indexes, school and college yearbooks, church records and biographies, which help millions of family history enthusiasts to fill in blanks in their family trees and add colour to their family stories.

This acquisition, coupled with the recent tender win of the 1939 Register for England and Wales and the purchase of, forms an important part of the growth strategy set out by Annelies van den Belt, CEO of Findmypast, and her new team.

Together Findmypast and Mocavo will create one of the fastest growing global genealogy businesses. The two companies will provide customers with easier access and more relevant information to help add colour and depth to family history.

Additionally, they both remain committed to delivering on Mocavo’s promise to provide free access to family history records on an individual database level forever. Toward that commitment, Findmypast is announcing today that the full indexes to the US Census from 1790 to 1940 are available for free at

Mocavo will become a fully-owned subsidiary of Findmypast. It joins the Findmypast family of brands including the British Newspaper Archive, Genes Reunited and Lives of the First World War.

Annelies van den Belt, CEO of Findmypast, said: “Findmypast’s strategy is about growth and the US market is key. Our purchase of Mocavo, combined with our existing US customer base, gives us an excellent platform for expansion in the world’s number one genealogy market. Together we can provide a dynamic family history experience that offers customers the opportunity to make a real connection with their family heritage.”

Cliff Shaw, founder and CEO of Mocavo, said: “We are thrilled to join forces with Findmypast and become a part of their family of leading brands. The combination of our companies will provide family history enthusiasts with unprecedented access to the stories of their ancestors. Expect Mocavo to grow stronger with Findmypast’s support and to continue to drive innovation in the family history category.”

Joshua Taylor, newly appointed Director of Family History, Findmypast, said: “Our heritage and rich record collections coupled with Mocavo’s sophisticated technology will make for a powerful combination enabling us to offer our customers even more ways to unlock the fascinating stories within their family history.”

Make New Discoveries with the Social Security Death Index

10 Jun 2014


One of the major starting points for genealogical research is the Social Security Death Index. Used by the Social Security Administration for coordinating benefits, the SSDI contains a wealth of information about your family members who have died in the last forty years, including their first name, last name, age, address, and more. As a Mocavo Community Member, you can search more than 88 million death records found in the Social Security Death Index to your heart’s content for free.

Search the Social Security Death Index Now

View All Mocavo Databases

We hope you have a lovely week full of new discoveries.

Goin’ to the Chapel: Mocavo Marriage Databases

04 Jun 2014


On our ancestors’ wedding days, family members came together to celebrate and bear witness to the joining of two families. Marriage records come in many forms; some are church records and others are government records that document the details of the marriage and of the bride and groom. Now you can trace the marriages in your family with access to nearly 15,000 marriage databases for free at Mocavo.

Browse Marriage Records Now

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We hope you enjoy exploring our marriage databases and have a wonderful week full of discoveries.

Your Hall Pass to Your Ancestors

29 May 2014


It’s the time of year when students across the country are donning caps and gowns and taking their first steps as graduates. During this time of year, it’s easy to wonder what our ancestors were like when they were in high school or college. Luckily for us, yearbooks provide a unique glimpse into their youth. As you flip through the pages of your family members’ yearbooks, pictures and descriptive captions illustrate who they were, their passions, and dreams for the future.

As a Mocavo community member, you have access to the largest free online collection of yearbooks. That’s open access to more than 8.3 million pages of cheesy grins, bad hairdos, and heart-warming memories.


We hope you enjoy exploring our yearbook collection and have a great weekend full of discoveries.

Discover Your Family’s Heroes in Millions of Military Records

22 May 2014


Memorial Day is almost here. The day when we take the time to celebrate and remember the heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in our country’s armed forces. One of the best ways to honor your family’s heroes is to discover and share their story. At Mocavo, all of our records are free all of the time. This weekend, explore more than 500 million names in our military collections. As a free Mocavo Basic member, you can search any individual military database to your heart’s content. To get you started, we want to share a few collections that will help you unlock the stories of the military heroes in your family tree.

View all Military Collections Now

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Military Collections

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 3.30.18 PMScreen Shot 2014-05-22 at 3.30.11 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 3.30.31 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 3.30.03 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 3.30.41 PM

We add more than 1,000 new databases each day, so there is always something new for you to discover. If you would like to search all of our collections from one convenient location, consider giving Mocavo Gold a try. Mocavo Gold also provides advanced search tools that allow you to narrow your results by category, increase and decrease the number of results per page, and search on additional fields like location and life event.

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We wish you a happy Memorial Day and hope you enjoy exploring your family history this weekend

100 New Record Indexes Added Today

20 May 2014

Since announcing our Free Forever Revolution in October, we have added more than 350,000 databases online to help you discover your story. To thank you for supporting us in our mission, today we are adding an additional 100 record indexes to the usual 1,000 databases we launch every day. These indexes document more than 10 million records from a variety of countries including the United States, Canada, France, New Zealand and more.

View all new collections now

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New Collections

With more than 1,000 databases added each day, there is always something new to discover! Looking for an easier way to sort through all of our historical content? With Mocavo Gold, you can enjoy exclusive access to a bunch of advanced and automated tools that will help you make discoveries faster, with less effort.

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We hope you have a wonderful week full of lots of research success!

Celebrate Mother’s Day with a Free Access Weekend

09 May 2014


Mother’s Day is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate your mom than to help discover and share her story. From now until Monday at midnight, we are opening up our universal search to all members of the Mocavo community. Usually you need to be a Mocavo Gold member to search all of our databases at once, but for this weekend only, all Mocavo members have the ability to search more than 340,000 databases to their heart’s content. In honor of Mother’s Day, spend some time discovering the stories of the important women in your life.


Many of you have signed up for Mocavo Gold in support of our cause, and enjoy searching more than 340,000 databases at the same time. As always, Mocavo Basic users can search these databases individually for free. Mocavo Gold offers you automated discoveries, the ability to run universal searches across all of our databases, and a number of other great features.

Join our revolution and upgrade to Mocavo Gold.

We wish all of you a very happy Mother’s Day and hope you enjoy your free access weekend.

P.S. Having problems accessing universal search? Here are some helpful tips.