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Have you ever used nonpopulation census schedules in your research?

11 Jul 2014

We asked and you answered!

Last week we asked ”Have you ever used nonpopulation census schedules in your research.”

Nonpopulation Census Schedule Poll Results

Nonpopulation census schedules sure are popular with the Mocavo Community! More than 90% of the community has used at least one of the different types of nonpopulation census schedules. The most used nonpopulation census schedules are mortality and agriculture.

Did you know that you can search the United States Federal Census for free at Mocavo? Start making discoveries now in the US Federal Census.

We Asked and You Answered!

28 Jun 2014

Last week we asked which genealogy websites you used. Here are the poll results!




We Asked and You Answered!

13 Jun 2014

Last week we asked how many genealogy education programs/conferences do you hope to attend this year. More than 60% of the community plans on attending at least one genealogy program/conference this year!




We asked and you answered! Have you used DNA in your research?

30 May 2014

Last week asked if you have used DNA in your research. Turns out quite a few of you have!



Turns out more than 80% of our community members have used some sort of DNA test in their research. The most popular categories included AncestryDNA and FamilyTreeDNA. If you are interested in finding out more about how DNA can help your research, check out our most recent Fireside Chat with DNA expert Blaine Bettinger at

We Asked, You Answered! How Far Are You Traveling for Genealogy Research this Season?

17 May 2014

Last week we asked how far you planned on traveling for genealogy research this summer. Looks like a lot of you will be able to get away this season!



More than 70% of you plan on doing some kind of travel for your genealogy research. Whether you’re traveling to a local repository, or an ancestral homeland, if you are looking for some tips for your summer genealogy travel, make sure you download the Summer Research Genealogy Research Guide. The best way to have a successful research trip is to ensure you prepare your research before hand. The more organized you are before you go, the more time you can spend researching when you reach your final destination.

How Often Do You Cite Your Sources?

03 May 2014

We asked and you answered. Last newsletter we asked how often do you cite your sources?

Cite Your Sources

Last week’s question touched on a very important step in our genealogy research process – citing your sources. It’s wonderful that 48% of you are citing your sources every single time. To find out why citing your sources is so important, check out Chief Genealogist Michael J. Leclerc’s article entitled: Three Reasons Everyone Needs to Cite Their Sources. In his article, he acknowledges that many of people often say they are “only doing it for family” or they “aren’t going to publish their research.” However, it is important for people to cite their resources for so many reasons. Read his article to find out more!

Need an easy way to organize and cite your sources? Download this simple research log to ensure you cite all the appropriate information about each record and ancestor you research.

And also don’t forget to take this week’s poll: How far to you plan on traveling for your genealogy research this summer?